CNC Turning

Edmik Inc. utilizes precision CNC lathes from HAAS, Okuma and Prototrac. We can craft your parts to extremely tight tolerances and special finishes.

Some lathes include a part catcher and chip conveyor; which speeds production while preventing chips from marring parts. Excellent lathe designs allow us to lessen down-time for cleaning purposes; which allows us to manufacture your parts sooner.

The lathes’ tolerance capacity runs from as small as .060” to a massive 17” diameter; and up to 38” long.


We work with most ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as plastics and even hard to machine materials like titanium and machinable ceramics. Secondary operations, after the CNC Lathe portion of a project, are also executed by our in-house staff. This saves production time, and ensures consistency of product quality.